A.10 Introduction to Permaculture

  • 2019-08-05, 10:00–12:30, Parish garden
  • 2019-08-06, 10:00–12:30, Parish garden
  • 2019-08-07, 10:00–12:30, Parish garden
  • 2019-08-08, 10:00–12:30, Parish garden

This workshop will touch on the basic information needed to start developing systems thinking around agriculture and the importance of regenerative agriculture in our current social and ecological context.

The workshop will be divided in 4 days of 2.5 hours each, it will be structured as follows:
50 minutes of theory, 10 minutes break, 40 minutes of practice another 10 minute break and 40 minutes of discussion, different methods will be used as to allow the maximum amount of interaction and participation between the attendees and the people presenting the content (this is currently work in progress).

The idea behind this workshop is to give the vary basic concepts needed to start getting in to sustainable regenerative agriculture as a way of life as well as to understand the different relationships (systems thinking) that guide the natural world. How to harness these natural forces to allow us to work with nature as to produce better harvests with less physical work and a little bit more planning.

Another important goal of this workshop is to present permaculture as an important and necessary alternative as a means of regenerative agriculture as well as social(communities, networks, health) production within our current social and ecological context.

The topics that we will be sharing are:

Day 1

Main concepts, ethics an principles behind Permaculture ( what is permaculture, ethics, the idea behind the good life, permaculture as a lifestyle for social change).

Day 2

Socio-political role of Permaculture.

Day 3

Soil fertility (what is soil, how do us and plants benefit from soil, techniques for maintaining healthy soil, composting methods, examples of soil depletion).

Day 4

Introduction to Permacultural design (Patterns in nature, description of zones and sectors, introduction to design.